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Here at Phi Fertility we offer a wide range of treatments to combat human infertility and assist our patients in their journey towards parenthood.

We fight against infertility and sterility in couples and individuals of reproductive age. Sterility is the inability to conceive and it affects 1 in every 6 couples. Infertility, on the other hand, is a disease that prevents pregnancy or the completion of a full term with the birth of a healthy baby.

Both our national and international patients are guaranteed high-quality assistance by our team of empathic, dedicated professionals who are specialized in different fields. From the first visit, you will feel you are in safe hands. We also use technology to connect with you and offer consultations with specialists via Skype or telephone. In the 21st century, there are no geographic barriers that cannot be overcome by the developments in communication technology. We have accounts and chats open on the major social media sites, with assistants who can help you decide on the best treatment for you. Our team will assess all of the medical tests that you send us via e-mail and you will have direct access to our specialists to address specific issues from their fields of knowledge.

Every patient has a personal coordinator who will accompany and guide our patient for the duration of the treatment. Having a person who is exclusively in charge of the management of your treatment is an enormous relief that eliminates much of the stress usually associated with these kinds of treatments. Our patients receive personalized attention, and they are monitored at every step of the treatment to ensure the most successful results.

We like to think that our little miracles will be your future dreams come true.

About Us

We are the only specialized unit in Alicante integrated in a hospital, which means that we have the newest equipment and technology and we guarantee global assistance to our patients. Our team is comprised of a group of specialized gynecologists, biologists, psychologists, doctors specialized in oriental medicine and acupuncturists, all of whom have had long career in their own right, but who now work as a team to personalize the treatment plan for every case. Our high pregnancy rates are proof of our excellent work method and patient support. The most important thing for us is to guide our patients towards the treatment that is most suited to their needs, both medical and financial.

All of the team members at Phi Fertility love our jobs and we treat our patients like part of the family. We are proud to show you the safest and fastest path to accomplishing your dreams of a healthy pregnancy and becoming parents.

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