quedarse embarazada y tener la menstruación

Becoming pregnant and having your period days early

The human organism is a well-oiled and functional machine, which is also incredibly complex. Although scientifically and medically almost all its action and functioning has been understood, there are still aspects that break the known norms or standards.

In a woman’s body, non-standard events may occur, such as becoming pregnant and menstruating days earlier. Although achieving pregnancy right after experiencing menstruation is not the norm, it can occasionally occur, as can other events.

Did you know that you can get pregnant with your period?

Although it is true that the chances of getting pregnant while having a menstrual period are very low, they do exist.

Usually, it is not ideal to have sex during your menstruation if you want to get pregnant. According to what is medically determined, these are days that you cannot get pregnant, but as we have already mentioned, there are exceptions.

Achieving pregnancy depends on ovulation occurring within the cycle, and the day of ovulation differs from woman to woman. It even varies for the same woman from one cycle to the next.

For women who have a short monthly cycle (21 to 24 days), the chances of getting pregnant by having sex during their menstrual period exist. In this case, ovulation takes place at the beginning of the cycle, and the sperm can survive inside the woman for two to five days. So if they have sex at the end of menstruation, pregnancy may occur on the fourth or fifth day due to early ovulation.

How to get pregnant

For a pregnancy to be achieved naturally and effectively, it is recommended that you have sexual intercourse for a couple of days before your ovulation. It is also wise to try the same day of your ovulation.

Your ovulation cycle usually takes place two weeks before your menstrual period. However, this date may vary, so it is advised that you use one of the known mechanisms to determine when you will be ovulating.

We describe the main methods that help you predict your ovulation, in order to know when is the best time to try to get pregnant:

  • In case your monthly cycle is constant and has the same number of days each month, an ovulation calculator is the best alternative for you.
  • Check your ovulation signs, such as cervical mucus and body temperature.
  • You can also make use of ovulation prediction kits.
  • Currently there are applications for mobile devices that help you with this task.

Tricks to get pregnant fast

If you want to have a child, you can put into practice these tricks to achieve a quick pregnancy:

  • Visit your gynecologist to validate that everything is in order, and to take the necessary actions.
  • Know, control and follow your ovulation cycle, to coordinate your sexual relations in a timely manner.
  • Let go of bad habits that threaten your good health. Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  • Enjoy a balanced, nutrient-rich diet. This is a great way to prepare you to properly feed your baby.
  • Performs constant physical exercise. It is a very useful practice that will help you prepare yourself to perfectly overcome the demands of pregnancy.
  • Add folic acid, also known as vitamin B9, to your vitamin supplements. This is a great help in the correct formation of your baby.

The best tips for getting pregnant

To ensure that the efforts you make with your partner bring you the fruits you desire, here are some tips that both of you should put into practice to make pregnancy a reality.

A healthy diet

Both your diet and that of your partner must be adequate and contain all the required nutrients. With a balanced diet both the sperm and the egg will function properly.

Avoid tobacco

Tobacco must disappear from your life before you can get pregnant. If you smoke, this can be a major obstacle to a healthy pregnancy.

Avoid using tobacco at all costs, either actively or passively.


In addition to consuming folic acid, you should also begin to include in your diet other nutrients such as zinc, iron, calcium, vitamin C, D and E, omega 3, and B complex.

Constant sexual intercourse

While it is highly recommended that you have sex during your ovulation days, it is also advised that these are not the only days you have sex with your partner.

A sexual activity every couple of days or every three days is very convenient. This will help the male’s semen to have more sperm.

Positions to get pregnant

This aspect depends considerably on the couple, but it is also true that there are some positions that favor the achievement of pregnancy more than others.

In general terms, the female should avoid placing herself on top of her partner, since, due to the action of gravity, the sperm may not remain inside the vagina for the necessary time.

The most effective is to position yourself under your partner (missionary position), and once the sexual act is over, fold your legs over your chest and keep them like that for a few minutes.

Avoid chemicals

The use of products with chemical components such as lubricants is not recommended, as these could affect the performance of the spermatozoa.

Although brands and manufacturers state that these items do not affect men at all, it is best to avoid them.

Consensual and satisfactory relationships

According to experts in the field, maintaining consensual and satisfactory relationships helps considerably to achieve the conception of a new life.

Several studies indicate that when a woman experiences an orgasm, uterine and vaginal contractions are generated that facilitate the arrival of semen to the cervix.

If you are looking for a pregnancy you can take into account these recommendations, and put them into practice together with your partner.