Increasing number of patients requiring egg or sperm donation to achieve full-term pregnancies

Is there anything more rewarding than helping others achieve their dream of starting a family?

Spain is one of the European countries with the highest number of egg and sperm donations, and this is great news for those patients who must undergo egg and sperm donation. in vitro fertilization with gamete donation, since Spain is at the forefront of Europe in terms of these techniques and specialists, which gives us a plus of experience and know-how compared to our European neighbors.

Delayed maternal age, stress, hereditary diseases or pollution are factors that have made getting pregnant sometimes a difficult and frustrating process. Phi Fertility, the Fertility Unit of Vithas Perpetuo, recommends that after a year looking for pregnancy without a positive result, you should go to an assisted reproduction center, so that, through a checkup, it can be determined if there is a problem and if so, seek the most appropriate solution. In addition, in order to facilitate the first steps in this process, the unit offers the Fertility Test freewhich includes an initial  visit with the specialist to develop a clinical history, a seminogram to know the seminal characteristics of the male and the AMH test that measures the blood levels of the antimüllerian hormone, a very precise marker of the woman’s current ovarian reserve.

The main causes for resorting to in vitro fertilization with egg or sperm donation may be related to severe male factor problems; the risk of transmitting hereditary genetic diseases; afunctional ovaries; lack of ovaries; or simply that the woman decides to be a single mother by choice.

Donation is essential for many patients to fulfill their dream of becoming parents. An altruistic act that, together with a simple and painless process , opens the door for other people to take one of the most important steps in their lives.

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