It is possible to be parents after cancer

In Phi Fertility, the fertility department from Vithas Perpetuo International Hospital, egg vitrification makes pregnancy possible after these hard treatments.

The past 4th of February was the World Day Against Cancer. A date for meditation, awareness, prevent and act. But what happens at the reproductive level after overcoming a cancer? It is important for those affected to feel that they can recover their plans and dreams after the illness. And, in the case of many young patients, their goal is to have children and raise a family. Treatments and some types of cancer can affect fertility temporarily or permanently. This is a concern for patients, added to the consternation of the disease. However, there are currently alternatives so that, after overcoming the disease, they can continue with the hope of being parents.

It is important for patients to talk to a medical specialist about their concerns about fertility before starting treatment. Patients have the option of accessing techniques to preserve fertility such as vitrifying their ovules, so that when it is time to fertilize, healthy eggs will be available and with the “genetic age” that they had when they were vitrified.

The Phi Fertility team has extensive experience in this field. Vitrification involves applying very high concentrations of cryoprotectants, dehydrating the cell but practically without producing ice crystals could cause damage. These vitrified ovules are stored in liquid nitrogen at a temperature of -196 ° C, waiting for the moment in which they are thawed to inseminate them with the sperm, and days later transfer them to the maternal womb.

At our center, we advise our patients by offering personalized treatments tailored to each case so that together we will be able to find the opportunity to continue, to go ahead and generate life after the fight.

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