You have decided that you want to be a mother. You have made the most important decision. But what now? Where to start? What are the first steps? We will tell you.

Trust and communication are essential and, therefore, the first thing is that you know us without any commitment. The first thing you should do is schedule your FREE initial visit, where you can visit our facilities and meet our medical team personally.

Once you scheduled your initial visit, you will be asked to send us your medical records and results of possible tests you might have had done beforehand so that we can look closely at them and assess them together with you during the initial consultation. Where appropriate, we will ask you for additional diagnostic tests.

During this initial consultation you meet one of our doctors so that you can speak about your fertility experience and your emotional state. You will go through your medical records together and you will discuss strategies and specific techniques ensuring that this collaboration is a success. You can ask any questions or doubts you have. Since the very beginning you are an active participant in your own treatment plan designed to make your wish of becoming a mother come true.

The consultation usually lasts 1 hour, including an ultrasound. In case your partner is a man, it is desirable that he also comes to the initial consultation. He will be asked to provide a sperm sample so that we can analyse it and assess both the male and the female factors of fertility.

If, for any reasons, you cannot come to the initial visit in person, we offer you a consultation via Skype.

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IA – Artificial Insemination

It is an assisted reproduction technique that will help you get pregnant easily and safely.

metodo ROPA

Ropa Method

It consists of an In Vitro Fertilization treatment shared between both women, that is, one woman is the donor of the egg, while the other woman is the pregnant woman of the embryo.

Egg vitrification

Technique for preserving a woman’s eggs by freezing. With this we manage to keep the cells unaltered for an indefinite time, until they are used..

IVF – In vitro fertilization

It is the union of the ovum with the sperm in the laboratory, in order to obtain embryos already fertilized to transfer to the maternal uterus and achieve a pregnancy.

Foto de Estudios Genéticos

Genetic diagnosis

It refers specifically to the technique used in the event that one or both parents have a genetic abnormality. The embryo is analyzed to determine if it carries the same genetic abnormality.

Foto ovodonacion

Egg Donation

Fertility treatment that consists of performing an In Vitro Fertilization with anonymous donor eggs. If necessary, this egg is fertilized with semen from the partner or another donor.

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