Phi Fertility, the reproduction department from Vithas Perpetuo International Hospital, reminds us of the importance of physical and mental health care to improve fertility.

On April 7, World Health Day, we all remember thanks to the calendar, how important it is to lead a healthy life and find a physical and mental balance that makes us have a better life. In this way, we can discuss priority issues that currently concern to the World Health Organization and the whole society. Infertility is one of the great problems that our society faces in this 21st century. Stress, pollution, food and lifestyle are leaving a mark on the health of people and this is evident in many areas. These factors, added to the delay in the age at which women decide to have children, make difficult to achieve pregnancy and fulfill the dream of becoming parents.

The team of specialists of the fertility center highlights the importance of carrying out a personalized and detailed study to be able to apply the most appropriate treatment according to the needs of each case. The first question of many couples and single women is: When should we go to the first visit?

From our center, we recommend making the first visit to a fertility specialist when the pregnancy has not been achieved after a year maintaining unprotected relationships. With the right techniques, the guarantee of years of experience and the closeness of the whole team, more and more couples and single women are fulfilling the dream of having a child.

You can request the first visit with a specialist and your fertility test for free, by writing to or by calling us 965 23 03 97.

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