The Vithas Fertility Center specializes in the analysis and implementation of different treatments adapted to each patient’s post-cancer situation.

October 19, International Breast Cancer Day, is an opportunity to reflect on the most common malignancy affecting women today. It’s important that, after the initial shock of the news, patients set themselves challenges and plans for the future that will give them extra motivation during treatment. Many women of childbearing age who haven’t had children yet, or who would like to have more, don’t know whether they’ll be able to start a family after cancer. Fertility preservation treatments play an important role in this respect.

When a patient suffers from cancer, she may have to undergo treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which can cause irreversible damage to her eggs.
vitrify them
It is therefore advisable to vitrify them before starting treatment, so as to be able to become a mother once the disease has been overcome.

The Vithas Fertility Center has enabled many women to realize their dream of becoming mothers after the devastating blow of the disease. It is important that patients discuss any fertility concerns with their doctor before starting treatment. Patients have access to fertility preservation
fertility preservation techniques
such as vitrification of their eggs, so that at the time of fertilization, healthy eggs will be available at the “genetic age” they had at the time of vitrification.

At the Vithas Fertility Center, we advise our patients by offering personalized treatments tailored to each individual case. On International Breast Cancer Day, it’s fitting to highlight the possibility of carrying on, moving forward and generating a life after the fight.

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