OR-Ovarian Rejuvenation

rejuvenecimiento ovárico

Assisted reproductive techniques have improved a lot, and women who were previously unable to get pregnant, today they can. The reasons that make pregnancy difficult can be many, and for each difficulty there is practically a solution, making it impossible for anyone to get pregnant.

Do you know what ovarian rejuvenation consists of?

In this article we talk about what you should know before starting fertility treatment using this technique.

What is ovarian rejuvenation?

Society has changed a lot in a short time, the incorporation of women into the world of work has meant that the average age to get pregnant has risen from 22 to 31. Age is a very important factor in achieving a pregnancy, In fact, it can become the main factor for many women. Fortunately, you should not worry, you can consult our specialists in Assisted Reproduction at Phi Fertility, they will study your case and design a personalized treatment for you.

Ovarian rejuvenation can be performed using various techniques:

– In vitro activation (IVA): It consists of the extraction of the ovary cortex that is subsequently cultivated with various factors, then reimplanting it in the ovaries, in such a way that ovarian activation occurs to achieve more ovules and of better quality.


– SCOT stem cell ovarian transplant: Consists of isolating a type of bone marrow cell that, after transplanting them into the ovary, ovarian activation occurs, achieving better responses to ovarian stimulation .


– Treatment with platelet-rich plasma: It consists of obtaining various blood cells that help the growth and regeneration of tissues, in such a way that if they are introduced inside the ovaries of menopausal women, these restart menstrual cycles and egg retrieval can be achieved.


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How is the ovarian rejuvenation procedure performed?

Ovarian rejuvenation is a procedure that can be performed at any time in women with or without menstruation. After studying your case, we will carry out these two steps:

  • First, once you have defined which type of rejuvenation is the most appropriate for your case, we will proceed to obtain either the ovarian tissue, or the bone marrow cells, or a blood sample.
  • Afterwards, it will be necessary to introduce the processed cells or their own plasma into the patient’s ovaries, in this way the production of oocytes will be stimulated

The procedure is simple and does not last more than half an hour in each of the interventions, with a very fast recovery.

Who is interested in ovarian rejuvenation?

Ovarian rejuvenation treatment is ideal for women who are unable to conceive due to menopause or perimenopause, premature ovarian failure</ strong>, low ovarian reserve or suffering from an abnormality in the levels of anti-müllerin hormones. If you have any questions, contact our specialists in assisted reproduction!

Risks and benefits

The new technique that will put an end to the biological clock also has its pros and cons. Among its benefits we highlight the great possibility of getting pregnant using your own eggs and there are no risks of blood-borne infections either. As for the risks, this procedure involves a recovery of oocytes after ovarian stimulation, a slow recovery, but the result will be worth it! !

This entire process involves 3 to 6 months of observation in the hands of a specialist, tissue transformation takes time and each person is a different world . Without a doubt, it is an open window to be able to conceive a child, it is possible and at Phi Fertility we help you to achieve it!

When is this Assisted Reproduction technique applied?

This treatment should be performed when a woman cannot get pregnant and the reasons are either some misalignment of the ovaries or they have an low-activity ovary , which is known as premature ovarian failure.

Ovarian rejuvenation offers the opportunity to have a child to patients who cannot conceive on their own. The causes of this could be age or due to early menopause. At Phi Fertility we are aware of the difficulty that this entails, but we are always willing to study your case and offer you the best solution.


rejuvenecimiento ovárico

OR-Ovarian Rejuvenation

It is a revolutionary technique that involves the reactivation of stem cells and the remaining follicles in the ovary.

IA – Artificial Insemination

It is an assisted reproduction technique that will help you get pregnant easily and safely.

IVF – In vitro fertilization

It is the union of the ovum with the sperm in the laboratory, in order to obtain embryos already fertilized to transfer to the maternal uterus and achieve a pregnancy.

Foto ovodonacion

Egg Donation

Fertility treatment that consists of performing an In Vitro Fertilization with anonymous donor eggs. If necessary, this egg is fertilized with semen from the partner or another donor.

Foto de Estudios Genéticos

Genetic diagnosis

It refers specifically to the technique used in the event that one or both parents have a genetic abnormality. The embryo is analyzed to determine if it carries the same genetic abnormality.

metodo ROPA

ROPA Method

It consists of an In Vitro Fertilization treatment shared between both women, that is, one woman is the donor of the egg, while the other woman is the pregnant woman of the embryo.

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